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Our Mission...
A commitment to a life of Christian excellence for the glory of God through salvation, calling, competency and character!


  * HS Secret Santa Wk
    Mon(12/15)-Crd & Candy
    Tue(12/16)-Wrm & Cozy
    Wed(12/17)-Grinch Day
    Thu(12/18)-Small Gift
    Fri(12/19)-Big Gift, Feast

  * HS Finals
    Tue(12/16) Per 7,1,2
    Wed(12/17) Per 8,3,5
    Thu(12/18) MU,5,6
    12:20pm Dismissal

  * 6-8 Ukulele Concert
    Tue (12/16)
    8:45am-Rmington in Hnfrd
    7:00pm-KCS Gym

  * Homeschool Apts
    Wed(12/17), pm-Visalia

  * Elem BkB, AB B/G

  * V B Basketball
    @ Parlier Trny

  * Roller-Towne Trips
     Thu(12/18),1-4, 11:15am
     Fri(12/18),5-8, 8:45am

  * Board Meeting!
    Thu(12/18), 6:30pm

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Kings Christian School

Welcome to Kings Christian School!
An Elementary and Secondary School in Kings County.
... where the world of God is studied in light of the Word of God!
"ACSI and WASC Accredited"

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