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Principal's Welcome!
Kevin Dalafu

Thanks for visiting the KCS Website. Time after time, in so many ways, God has given me vision and direction to help others. It is just clear to me that He intends my life to be devoted to the development and growth of my fellow believers. Growing begins in relationship with God through Jesus, it is carried along by the power of the Holy Spirit, guided by the sacred words of scripture, and fueled by the fellowship of fellow Christ-followers. As you look in on us, a briefing relative to our reasons for being might be in order. The following was written by our founding Administrator and I feel it is a great introduction to our school, so I am continuing to present it here.

KCS began in the fall of 1979. From the beginning, we have seen our mission as one of "action" as opposed to "reaction." True, many negative trends were apparent in public schools. But for the most part, these trends were symptomatic of a very fallible worldview that governed (and still does govern) these schools. Our mission was not to address all of these "bad things" (symptoms), but rather to build a school based upon a worldview that was not fallible--the Christian world and life view as presented in Scripture.

Consequently, KCS endeavors in all of its curriculum (formal and informal) to facilitate four outcomes in the lives of our students. First, we evangelize. It is our goal that each KCS student make a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. Second, we build the concept of calling into the lives of our students. We want each KCS student to accept the Biblical proposition that life has purpose, and that this purpose will be revealed to those who diligently seek Him. Third is the concept of character. It is our goal that KCS be a training ground for the consistent development of Christian character as our students labor academically, socialize, participate in school activities and as they give of themselves. Our fourth and final outcome is that of competency. We want to defeat the all too fashionable tendency for folks to get addicted to mediocrity. We endeavor to motivate our students to be enthusiastic, hard-working, and competent in all that they set their hands to do for the glory of God.

Thanks again for your interest in our school.

Kevin Dalafu

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