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Application Process for New International Students
  Thank you for your interest in Kings Christian School. KCS enthusiastically invites non-USA students to apply and attend. Kings Christian School is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Cultural Foreign Exchange students wishing to attend for one semester or one year on a J-1 Student Visa are encouraged to apply through an organization (e.g. AFS, AYA, PAX, etc.) to simplify the admission process. Students who desire to attend KCS on an F-1 Student Visa will be required to obtain an I-20 aplication form.

General Overview
Dear Prospective Kings Christian High School Student,
We want to thank you for your interest in our college-prep educational program. At KCS we "teach God's world in the light of God's word". We are quite confident the KCS will meet your needs. In addition to an education from a Biblical Worldview, some of the benefits of attending Kings Christian School include:
    * A College Preparation Program
    * A safe balanced and inclusive school
    * High success rate in obtaining F-1 Visa status
    * Assistance with PSAT, SAT and ACT TESTING
    * Honors and Advanced Placement Courses
    * Total English Immersion to achieve fluency in the English language
    * Priority acceptance into many excellent colleges and universities
    * A growing program to assist ESL students
    * 100% graduation rate
    * Team sports
    * Student government
    * Performing and Visual Arts Classes
    * Caring and diligent staff
    * Wholesome social activites
Please familiarize yourself with our school by browsing our website and feel free to contact Mrs. Hanson (our International Student Coordinator), if you have any questions.
                                                                        In the love and service of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

                                                                        Kevin Dalafu, Chief Administrator
                                                                        Pamela Hanson, International Student Coordinator

1. General International Student Information
International students generally fall under two categories. First are the cultural exchange students who are applying through an organization (e.g. AYA, PAX, etc.). They are usually planning on attending one semester or one year (likely with a J-1 visa). The application process is simplified because much of the needed information is supplied to us by the organization. The second category are students who are applying independently (needing an F-1 visa). These students often desire to attend more than a single year (actually obtaining their diploma from an American high school). They need all the forms of a local on-campus student plus others required by Homeland Security for non-immigrant alien students.
Please note that our tuition is higher for International students than it is for local students. There are several reasons for this. One we can continue to provide a better program for them. Secondly, the International Student tuition is more comprehensive in that it includes many fees that local students have to pay separately. We find that this helps reduce the number of "surprise" expenses so the International Student's family can budget more confidently.

2. Admission Application Completion
All application forms for admission must be completed entirely and honestly. Because the information requested on these forms can be vital when evaluating applicants, students of families which deliberately falsify admission/scholarship applications may be denied enrollment or dismissed from school.

3. Admissions with Regard to Christian Focus
Because KCS is an independent Christian school, students of all Christian denominations may apply for admission. While families of students applying for admissions are not necessarily required to be Christians, it is imperative that parents understand that one of the school's primary objectives is to lead students and their families into a personal and life-changing belief in Jesus Christ and an ever-growing relationship with Him. Families considering enrolling their children at KCS should weigh this matter carefully, as it is a central focus of nearly everything that the school does. Parents who find they cannot support this school position are encouraged to consider a different educational setting for their children.

If you are interested in applying and need more information, please email Mrs. Pamela Hanson (

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