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Application Process for New Local Students

Admissions with Regard to Christian Focus
Because KCS is an independent Christian school, students of all Christian denominations may apply for admission. While families of students applying for admissions are not necessarily required to be Christians, it is imperative that parents understand that one of the school's primary objectives is to lead students and their families into a personal and life-changing belief in Jesus Christ and an ever-growing relationship with Him. Families considering enrolling their children at KCS should weigh this matter carefully, as it is a central focus of nearly everything that the school does. Parents who find they cannot support this school position are encouraged to consider a different educational setting for their children.


Admission Checklist

     □ Applying Family Application

     □ Additonal Pre-School Packet (required)

     □ Current Teacher Recommendation (K-12 only)

     □ Pastor/Youth Pastor/Sunday School Teacher/ Spiritual Mentor Recommendation

     □ Student (4-12 only) and Parent Response Questions to bring to Interview with the Administrator.

     □ Interview and Tour with Administrator

Private Satellite (Home School) Program Information

     □ Private Satellite Program Guidelines for 2016-17

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