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For KCS to be successful, parents must be involved. The following opportunities for involvement are available.

A. GENERAL MINISTRY -- Such services as prayer, financial support, and periodic assistance in such activities as field trips, work days, fund raisers, etc.

B. SPECIFIC MINISTRY -- The Lord calls some to specific on-going ministry such as:
    1. Coaching a team--If you have an area of special expertise and the time flexibility to teach or coach, we encourage you to contact the administration and/or athletic director about ministering to the KCS students in that area.
    2. Aiding on a regular basis in the classroom.
    3. Substitute teaching--if you have a teaching credential and/or classroom teaching experience, we encourage you to place your name on our substitute teaching list. This may be done at the front office. You will be paid for your service, though our pay schedule is not as high as it is in the public schools.
    4. Host an International Student--This is a great way to help the school and enrich your family. Plus, many years KCS offers incentives such as tuition benefits. For 2011-2012 school year incentive information click HERE!. Contact Pamela Hanson (our International Student Coordinator), if you are interested.
    5. KCS Boosters--This group of parents and staff members help raise funds for KCS athletics. They usually meet monthly. Their meetings dates are published in the "Crusader's Echo".
    6. Mother's Ministry--in one of the longest standing ministries at KCS. Basically they prepare and serve hot lunches to KCS students. There is always a great need for willing and able fathers and mothers to involve themselves in this worthwhile food service ministry to our students.
    7. Library--there is always a need for library volunteers. If you enjoy reading, processing books, or ministering to students in a literary way, please contact the KCS office and we will arrange a meeting between you and the KCS librarians regarding the possibility of ministry in this area.
    8. KCS Thrift Store--the most productive fund raising ministry at KCS is the KCS Thrift Store ministry. Actually there are two thrift in Lemoore and another in Hanford. This ministry also has the greatest need for volunteers since a great volume of goods donated to the stores must be processed on an on-going basis. You may inquire about volunteering in the thrift store ministry directly at either store, or at the KCS office.

C. K.C.S. DEVELOPMENT (BOARD DIRECTED) COMMITTEES -- there are ad hoc board chaired subcommittees that parents are encouraged to serve on. If you are interested in serving on such a committee, please inquire at the KCS office (receptionist) for more information.

D. GOVERNING MINISTRY -- The Lord calls a few into the ministry of the School Board. School Board members have demonstrated a heart for the ministry over a period of time and are led of the Lord to apply. The Board usually meets on the second Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. and the meetings are open to any interested parents. Parents who have general school inquiries or suggestions may contact the administration or board members. However, if a parent has an issue with a particular staff member, they are directed to follow the Matthew 18 principle, which is first to communicate with that staff member directly; if that doesn't resolve the issue they are then asked to approach the staff member again with a neutral third person; if the issue is still not resolved, then they are instructed to request a meeting with the staff member and an administratior or board member together.


A. FUNDRAISING EVENTS -- We have pretty well eliminated general fundraisers for the school, however various sub-groups within the school have fund raising activities. Examples include the athletic department's fireworks stands and the Scholarship program's Golf Marathon.

B. SCRIP PROGRAM -- KCS has an ongoing scrip program that generates money for the school without actual costs to the school families. KCS can receive from 1 percent to 15 percent of the cost of items families normally buy from the stores they routinely patronize. Additionally, families using more than a specific value of script can receive direct tuition discounts. Clicking HERE will tell you how to order scrip. If you need further information contact Fran at the front office or Carey Hinch.

C. CHRISTIAN CINEMA.COM -- If you enjoy viewing movies, you can join and get service similar to NetFlix, but have the benefit of choosing family-friendly and faith-based movies. For KCS to benefit you simply click on the banner on one of our web pages and sign up. You must use one of our links without visiting any other pages prior to signing up for Kings Christian School to receive credit. Once you are a member, all future rentals and purchases will benefit KCS.

D. DIRECT DONATIONS -- KCS is an official non-profit corporation and therefore donations are tax-deductible. For those who desire the additional potential benefits, there is also a KCS foundation. Non-cash donations can be accommodated. Lastly, KCS has a professional estate planner available to help optimize the benefits of donating for everyone concerned (KCS, donor, heirs, etc.)

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