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Virtual Tour of Kings Christian School
Note that the floor plans and exterior elevations on the tour are accurate for the 2011-2012 school year, but the interior and activity pictures may be from previous years. Clicking on numerical designations takes you to building floor plans which provide further options, clicking on S# designation brings up a picture of the featured item.

   1A - Administrative Office Building
   1B - Pre-School/Kindergarten Building
   2 - Administration, TLC and Classroom Building
   3 - Main HS Building (w/ Library, Athletic Office and Food Service)
   4 - HS Classroom Building
   5 - Music Room Building
   6 - Middle School and Computer Lab Building
   7 - Restroom/Changing Room Building
   8 - Gym/Performing Arts Building
   9 - Upper Elementary Building
   10 - Lower Elementary Building
   S1 - Baseball Field
   S2 - Softball Field
   S3 - Football Field
   S4 - Playground
   S5 - Basketball Courts
   S6 - Covered Concession Area
   S7 - Covered Eating Area
   S8 - Pre-Kg/Kg Playground
   S9 - HS Locker Area
   S10 - Parking Lot
   S11 - Entrance Lane

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